Manage your Energy

Reliable and Efficient with modern state-of-the-art power plant control systems


Renewables Plant Controller

Active & Reactive power / Voltage control, Grid compliance, Ancillary Services


Zero Export Controller

Export limitation, fast reaction time, failsafe for power/meter failures  


Storage Site Controller for Grid services

Frequency Support, Capacity market, Real-time market, Ancillary services  


Hybrid Controller for Microgrid applications

Microgrid applications, Power Quality, Fuel savings, Minimize losses, Grid connected or autonomous


Renewables Plant Controller

An intelligent vendor-independent system offering


connect the plant and keep connected


full, dynamic and on-demand to optimize operations


generate the max generation permitted

User friendly Interface

Monitor the measurements and states in real-time, 15-min, day, month or yearly level

Grid Integration Interface

Native support of most standardized solar plant buses as well as proprietary protocols that may be used for grid integration.


Response time less than 1 second
Comply with any timing requirements
Real-time control for the operator


Configurable accuracy, deadband, hysteresis
From the highest accuracy to distinct steps
Highly adjustable algorithms:
PID, feed-forward, filtering
Maximize generation

Steady and reliable

Individual inverter control when needed
Failsafe scenarios in case of meter
Grid systems unavailability

Control Functionality

Manages all parameters with fast response time to ensure Utility Grids stability.

* Active power control
* Ramp rate control for active power
* Reactive power control, Q or PF
* Ramp rate control for reactive power
* Apparent power control
* Q(V) Voltage control

* Automatic voltage regulation
* Frequency support (O/F and U/F)
* Ride through interoperability
* Zero export control
* T/F pre-magnetization
* S/S automation

PPC Dual Dynamic Redundancy

Redundancy Function increases the reliability of the system. Implemented either by duplication of the control unit within a Power Plant Controller or by a second separate Power Plant Controller.

* Dynamic redundancy
* Bumpless transfer, steady control
* Network redundant switches
* Maximize generation and revenues

High Availability Servers

Provides redundancy and fault tolerance. Reliably utilized with a minimum amount of down-time, load balancing, fail over servers, and backup system.

* Protect against controller downtime due to server failure
* Active-Active redundancy
* High availability cluster
* SCADA continuous operation and connectivity

Control & Services for PV plant Grid integration

Solution design

Technical instructions to the EPC about the cabling and monitoring physical installation

Production of the plant panels, namely PPC and PMP

Controllers configuration and pre-testing of grid interface

On-site system commissioning and PPC testing

Grid code tests and reporting

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