Typically, clients of our Aggregator facility:


  • Asset Operators: Understand how energy trading works and take ownership with our established strategies and algorithms.

  • Power Traders: Implement user defined strategies, monitor and manage plant portfolios with real time data and power predictions

UNITY Integrated VPP platform unleash the power of your portfolio
Unique digital control room for distributed energy resources

The output of renewable energy assets is intermittent leading to headaches for system operators, and in response to this intelligent plant control is important in order to optimize grid integration.

In addition to this, as more and more projects go fully merchant or have some degree of a merchant tail, true market integration is key to maximizing investment returns.

Such challenges can be mastered out with the unique flexible PaaS solution by Inaccess.

Our virtual power plant control software is ideally positioned to cover the entire process from metering data recovery to delivering perfect scheduling and bidding in the markets.



Cost-effective: Take advantage of a high-performance VPP solution without investing in costly IT infrastructure development.

Modular and scalable: Unity platform can be tailored to your individual needs. The system adapts to a growing number of participants and use cases and can be set up for as many users as needed.

Flexible: Integrate diverse products and technologies and react to changing market conditions.

User-friendly: All data and information is depicted in a way easily understandable for all users.

Fully-developed: Your Virtual Power Plant is built on a platform that has been tried and tested. The system is in continuous development according to our customers’ needs.

Secure: Our platform meets the strictest criteria of IT security and is ISO certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)

UNITY Integrated VPP platform-as-a-service advantages
Full Representation:
  • Aggregation, Representation
  • Market Participation in DAM, IDM and Balancing Market
  • Forecasting and daily submission of portfolio (VPP) statistics per technology
  • Balancing and Netting, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Reconciliation, Monthly Reports
  • Transparent Information


Aggregation Services

Hosted Platform (PaaS – Platform as a Service):
  • Different Forecasting Providers available, pass-through contracts possible
  • Fully automatic Submission with user pre-approvals
  • Multiple concurrent Bidding Strategies
  • Tiered VPPs and sub-portfolios
  • Ancillary services, Voltage & Frequency Support, Service Stacking
  • Participation in Power Markets and Balancing Services




Advanced Services

A UNITY experience for all your needs!

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