Unity Platform for Solar Plants

Turn key platform solutions for monitoring, managing and control of your assets

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A unique solution that can be used both for a single asset and for managing several GWs of distributed solar plants across the globe. Combination of our SCADA, Power Plant Controller (PPC) and Central Management System (CMS) offers Asset Owners, Asset Managers and O & M contractors a single tool to efficiently and effectively perform their work. Our open architecture allows integration with a multitude of third party systems including ERPs, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Asset Management Platforms and other office productivity tools.


Reliable and auditable operational data retrieval
Standard-based performance evaluation of plant and equipment
Evaluation of vendors and contractors
As per IEC61724 standard


Energy and power measurements
Power quality analysis
Identification of grid problems
Status monitoring of key electrical components


Reliable data down to a single string
Minimization of equipment/plant downtime or under-performance
Key Performance Indicators down to inverter level
Customizable Reporting


Multiple vendor equipment support
Support of various third party dataloggers and SCADA systems


Diagnosis of operational features and immediate notifications
Facilitate maintenance and reduce operation costs


Secure data acquisition, transfer and storage
As per ISO 27001 standard

A seamless digital infrastructure management solution customized to meet your needs

Accelerate plant delivery

Efficiently find and restore any implementation deficiencies or equipment failures during plant start-up phase

Facilitate maintenance and reduce operating costs

Remote diagnosis
Increased technicians’ efficiency

Optimize plant performance

Detailed engineering for the complete plant lifecycle (commissioning phase and normal operation)

Maximize yield

Early identification of problems or underperformance spots
Reduce mean time to repair

Consolidate operations

An integrated environment for monitoring, control, reporting and maintenance for a single solar plant or a portfolio of solar plants


All configurations are always protected with passwords. We work using data backups for enhanced security

Stakeholders relationship management

Maintenance subcontractors, security and insurance companies
Guarantees, penalties, billing disputes

More efficient O&M

Optimizing Asset performance Improved contractor management
Effective tracking of cost

Management reporting

Easy, timely and accurate reporting for a single plant or a portfolio of solar plants

Protect your Solar Assets against energy instability and unexpected losses

SCADA Platform

Visualize and explore the relative power and energy production of all your plant equipment. Security, Scalability, Stability.


Power Plant Control (PPC)

Manage your Energy
Reliably and efficiently, reduce costs and meet your sustainability goals with our portfolio of control solutions.


Control Center CMS

Optimize and control your energy assets and maintain a productive environment with a leading Global platform solution provider in Utility-Scale Segment


Monitor your solar assets effectively
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