End-to-end monitoring, management and control of all electro-mechanical assets irrespective of type (i.e. A/Cs, UPSs, Power Generators, Substations) or vendor/brand.

CO Sites

Outdoor Cabinets

Cell Sites


Assessing faults through remote diagnosis – thus limiting costly site visits

Increasing efficiency and effectiveness through detailed fault recognition and analysis and by scheduling on-site visits (not just by responding to incidents on an emergency-basis)

Decreasing energy consumption through the central application of energy policies and measurement of their impact

Managing fuel proactively

Increasing the lifecycle of E/M equipment through better maintenance, thus reducing CAPEX

Monitor, Supervise and Control your site infrastructure elements
easily and securely


Reducing MTTR (mean time to repair)

Identifying problems early (not upon system outages)


Measuring overall equipment performance / reliability

Increasing the lifecycle of monitored/managed equipment

Constantly evaluating monitored/managed equipment and respective vendors


Increasing the reliability of the network

Strengthening their “green profile” through energy saving


Power Management

Monitoring of AC and DC electrical distribution boards

Remote management of power generators

Monitoring of battery banks and rectifiers

Complete view of power consumption and energy sources for all the sites


Environmental Management

Remote monitoring and control of HVAC systems

Collection, recording and historical trends of ambient measurements (e.g. temperature, humidity, etc.)

Alarms on safety hazards (e.g. high temp, smoke or water detection)


Equipment Monitoring and Control

Remote monitoring and control of heterogeneous devices from multiple vendors (e.g. HVAC, power generators, rectifiers, autonomous photo-voltaic systems and more)

Unified operations through a common management platform


Alarm and Performance Management

Vendor-independent, unified alarm collection, recording presentation and correlation

Management of legacy and modern systems within a single platform

Accurate and timely information about all supervised sites to ease maintenance and reduce OPEX


Fuel Management

Detailed and accurate information on fuel levels of all supervised sites

Alarming when fuel level falls under a predefined threshold

Reporting capabilities on fuel usage


Energy Monitoring

Detailed and accurate data on energy consumption of all supervised sites

Energy savings with fewer technician dispatches and improved energy efficiency

Impact measurement of applied energy policies

Remote Site Controller (RSC) SW

Flexible and powerful in supporting complex requirements for local control loop apps

Support proprietary (non-standard) field control protocols


Remote Site Controller (RSC) HW

Modular. No ‘lock’ or ‘fixed form factor’ in terms of ports’ configuration and/or features

Extensive variety of control interfaces and protocols

Control Center Subsystem(CCS) SW

Easy integration of third-party controllers

Easy integration with third-party systems

Extensive statistical processing support

Extensive reporting capabilities

Supports extensive on-demand customization capabilities

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