Advanced Analytics Toolset
Comprehensive list of analytics that help owners and O&M contractors to navigate through an ocean of available data, enabling informed decision-making on specific actions in order to boost plant performance.
loss analysis main


  • Asset level – Portfolio level – Performance KPIs 
  • Automate & On-demand reports
  • Data error detection & correction
  • Multiple users and custom third-party access


  • Instrumentation health
  • Performance & Modeling Characterization
  • Derating KPIs – Site analysis – Data quality analytics
  • Slight, immediate or progressive performance degradation
  • Predictive Analytics
1-Pyro Shield-1

Pyro Shield

Easy & Clear identification of a pyranometer malfunction
Underperformance or calibration issues
A daily detailed report for each park
Brief and comprehensive overview of problems


2-Array Scanner-1

Array Scanner

String-level performance improvement
Alerts & identification of a malfunctioning array
Comparison with previous days.
Identification of not generating arrays
Brief and comprehensive overview of problems
Detailed report for each park with  alarms

4-Availability Editor-1

Availability and PR editor

Contractual availability and PR calculation 
Exclusion & classifications of intervals 
3-Loss Analysis-1

Loss analysis

Performance Modeling based on actual plant conditions
Loss calculation and Loss Breakdown
Correlations of losses to alarm & events  

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