A secured centralized system for collection, storage, visualization, and post-processing to manage your renewable energy assets


Employing faster & simpler control of data reporting & analytics


Cloud Database Center (or dedicated database centers according to the client’s need) collects the data so that stakeholders can use analysis and performance tracking. Monitored on a cloud server via a web browser or mobile device. Control Center software consists of a database, a synchronizer, a business logic unit, a notification server and a front-end unit.

Database stores all data necessary for the operation of the solution in a centralized manner for all monitored sites.

The synchronizer manages all IP connections with the field-deployed controllers, collects data from them either periodically or on an event-driven basis and relays any user action events from the front-end to the field-deployed controllers.

Business logic performs data processing to produce statistics, performance ratios, reports and alarms.

A notification server notifies selected users via email/SMS in case of critical alarms.

The front-end unit undertakes the structured presentation of the data to a multitude of users by implementing web technologies and integrating video feeds from the CCTV system for specific DVRs.


Control your business with Security, Scalability, Robustness

Monitoring - Reporting - Analytics - Control - Maintenance


Realtime PPC View


String-Level Site Heatmap


Electrical Single Line Diagram

Cross Plant Event information and Comparisons

Create a list of parameters from a specific level and table views of the values of these parameters among all similar levels of the plant

Easy comparisons and recognition of under-performance

Comparing all strings, inverters, pyranometers, meters and other repetitive sources of data for the solar plant has never been easier.

Real time monitors

Next generation real time architecture which provides for the collection, presentation and storage of raw data from the field to the cloud-based central management system

Email & SMS notifications

Easy Mobile App to access your assets from wherever you want

Advanced Reporting capabilities

Performance analysis and reporting

KPIs according to IEC 61724

Multi-Level Analysis

String level data

Electrical installation & power flow monitoring

Historical Alarms and Events

Balance resources and asset integrity without compromising cost with real-time response to oscillating fluctuations, allowing for a more comprehensive and responsive overview
  • Reports

    Asset level – Portfolio level – Performance KPIs 
    Automate & On-demand reports 
    Data error detection & correction
    Multiple users and custom third-party access

  • Analytics

    Modeling – Characterization
    Derating KPIs – Site analysis – Data quality analytics
    Slight, immediate or progressive performance degradation


Pyro shield

Easy & Clear identification of a malfunctioning pyranometer
Underperformance or calibration issues
A daily detailed report for each park
Brief and comprehensive overview of problems



Array scanner

String-level performance improvement
Alerts & identification of a potentially malfunctioning array
Comparison with previous days.
Identification of not generating arrays
Brief and comprehensive overview of problems
Detailed report for each park with identified alarms

CMMS computerized maintenance management system

Regulatory, Compliance & Certification
Inventory & Supply Chain Management
Purchasing & Financial Management
User Permissions & Notifications

CMMS computerized maintenance management system

Asset , User & Portfolio Management
Work Orders, Requests & Projects Management
Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance SPV Management

CMMS computerized maintenance management system

Triggers & Metering
Energy Invoicing
Performance Monitoring and Integrations
Reporting & Custom Report Writer

O&M services

Control your business processes


Efficient Collaboration

Work quickly and effectively with all stakeholders via a shared workspace on a web-based platform.


Stronger performance

Drive maintenance best practices and improve overall organization’s performance


Controlled Workflows

Follow best practice workflows, Empower all workers with easy to use self-service (web & mobile) applications


Central Repository

Never lose track of a contract or amendment with secured electronic storage and powerful search tools for access on demand.


Automated Processes

Connect your monitoring system and automatically import metering data and to create invoices and reports


Complete Visibility

Manage the full asset lifecycle with a complete view of all the portfolio assets

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