A microgrid is a self-sustained system , consisting of interconnected distributed energy resources and loads under a common control scheme that can operate in in independent mode during grid failures. Energy resources may be renewables like solar and wind, diesel generators, gas turbines, battery storage, electric vehicles and demand response. Microgrids may serve applications ranging from industrial & Commercial, Campus/Institutional, Communities and Military, in an autonomous or grid connected manner

Autonomous: Off-grid systems where generated power is consumed to meet the needs of the local demand. Partly autonomous systems are also covered

Grid Connected: Generate and distribute power within the local grid and import/export power from a utility source

A Microgrid control system is responsible for the coordinated control of all microgrid energy resources. It consists of the central and peripheral Microgrid controllers, data loggers and communication equipment required, measuring instruments as well as a SCADA/EMS server for proper system management.


Meet the energy demand, fully autonomous or continue operating when the external grid fails
Off-grid benefits

Uninterrupted Availability of Energy
Lower Energy Costs and Fuel use
Continuous Power Quality
Maximize Renewables generation using Energy storage
Optimized Gensets Control
Maximize Batteries Lifetime
Optimized Gas turbines integration
Load management and shedding

Grid-Connected benefits

Revenue stacking with any energy market service
Backup power in case of emergencies
Energy Time Shifting with Batteries
Peak Load Shaving to avoid excess load charges
Reduce Energy costs leveraging any non-flat pricing scheme
Maximize Revenues via energy arbitrage
Facilitate Energy trading via Dynamic or Scheduled control
Demand Response services


Lower costs, stack revenue streams and secure energy availability with optimized microgrid control


Hybrid Plant Control

Unity Control system for Microgrid applications
Optimized Control of Battery Energy Storage sites, PV and Wind plants, Diesel and Gas generators, Loads management
Flexible to satisfy the requirements of any microgrid, fully autonomous, partly autonomous or grid-connected
Scalable for use by microgrid of any size, from 30kW to hundreds of MW
Vendor independent and modular
Microgrid reliability and resilience, Lower energy and fuel costs, stack revenue streams
Integrated with Unity EMS, for microgrid central management

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