Hybrid Power Plant Controller for Microgrid applications

An intelligent vendor independent, modular solution, Unity H-PPC provides global grid compliance and is scalable for use by plants greater than 1 MW. It integrates Control system for Microgrid applications, integrating PV, Wind, Diesel and Gas generators and Battery Storage. H-PPC is flexible to satisfy the requirements of any microgrid; fully autonomous, partly autonomous or grid-connected; scalable for use by microgrid of any size, from 30kW to hundreds of MW; vendor independent; and modular. UNITY H-PPC may be incorporated with UNITY SCADA/EMS, offering advanced control and monitoring capabilities for the whole microgrid as well as intelligent energy management associated with a safe, reliable and economical supply of electricity.

For off-grid applications

Energy Security & Resilience: providing uninterrupted availability of energy and power quality, with the ability to react promptly to sudden changes within the supply-demand balance.

Lower energy and fuel costs with continuous and dynamic optimization of Power mix and efficient management of Energy and Energy Shifting: Marginal or total off-diesel/gas operation is supported through the use of grid-forming inverters and proper maximization of renewables generation.

Maximize asset lifetime and minimize maintenance needed for gensets and batteries: automate maintenance actions and properly utilize equipment, such as gensets maximum unloading, load variation, batteries cycle, and battery management algorithms.


Hybrid Plant Control

Unity Control system for Microgrid applications

  • Optimized Control of Battery Energy Storage sites, PV and Wind plants, Diesel and Gas generators, Loads management
  • Flexible to satisfy the requirements of any microgrid, fully autonomous, partly autonomous or grid-connected
  • Scalable for use by microgrid of any size, from 30kW to hundreds of MW
    Vendor independent and modular
  • Microgrid reliability and resilience, Lower energy and fuel costs, stack revenue streams
  • Integrated with Unity EMS, for microgrid central management

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