All aspects of the wind plant are monitored

Production electrical installation monitoring
Wind turbines monitoring
Energy and power measurements
Status monitoring of key electrical components (relays, fuses etc)


Data acquisition, processing and advanced alarming

Alarm and Notifications
Alarm systems integration


Centralized management of your wind assets worldwide

Vendor agnostic – centralized management
Asset & Maintenance Management Systems
Support equipment from multiple vendors (wind turbines, sensors, switchgear, etc)


Easy, intuitive and user friendly web access from anywhere

Access from web browsers, smartphones, SMS, Email


Minimize equipment
Plant downtime

Optimize asset performance

Reduce mean time to repair through detailed status reports

Increase technicians’ efficiency

Diagnose operational failures from the grid or production facilities and receive immediate notifications

Unify views of operational and security data

Failures originating from the grid or production facilities

Avoid multiple monitoring systems and ensure data coherence across different plants

Utilize advanced performance analytics and enhanced reporting

Improve contractor management and track costs effectively

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