Leverage stored solar energy

to increase your site resilience and provide continuity of supply


Solutions for Energy Storage Systems

  • Frequency Response services
  • Auto charge/discharge services
  • SOC Management
  • Limits avoidance
  • SOC Balancing AC-side
  • Feed forward control loop
  • Availability based
  • Closed loop control schemes
  • PCS-grouped battery protection extending BMS functionality
  • Control actions Scheduler
  • PPC Redundancy
  • Master-Slave PPC
  • Frequency Support
  • Capacity market
  • Market interface
  • Aggregator integration

Frequency Response as Grid Balancing service
Automated operation
Primary or Secondary
High availability and accuracy
Response time of < 200 ms


Automatic State of Charge management in a multi-MW Battery plant


Auto charge or discharge service

  • Capability to export power at a specific level for a specific period or until the exported energy reaches a limit.
  • Limited by Time (“run for 0.5 hours) or Energy (“run till charging used x MWh)

SOC Setpoint

  • Achieve a specific setpoint
  • Achieve a specific setpoint at a specific hour

Charge/discharge through a setpoint

Storage Control loops

Feed forward control loop

  • To compensate for standard losses

Availability based

  • To compensate for unavailable inverters
    Closed loop control schemes

Two separate PID loops, one for Active Power (P) and one for Reactive Power (Q)

  • Less than 1 second loop

Control Scheduler

Enable maximum automation on service/revenue stacking scenario
Maximum automated balance of market services in a scheduled and coordinated manner
Specific control actions may be scheduled

  • Active power control
  • Battery storage FFR participation

Scheduling is performed with repetitions

Energy Storage Services

Services to support as stacked scenarios:

  • Frequency Support
  • Capacity market
  • Real-time market
  • Balancing services
  • Market interface to get market pricing for energy arbitrage
  • Aggregator integration

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