10 years Inaccess CMS

10 years Inaccess CMS

  • On June 30, 2017

This June is the 10th anniversary of the Inaccess CMS (Central Management System), the Cloud-based, Software-Only, Vendor-Agnostic, Centralized PV plant management system.

Inaccess CMS integrates several dozens of 3rd party local DAS (Data Acquisition Systems) or central monitoring portals in a common, uniformly referenceable platform for monitoring, reporting, performance analysis, and efficient preventive and corrective maintenance.

For existing projects, site takeovers, portfolio consolidation, and other soft-retrofit applications, the ingestion of data are hardware agnostic, while the homogeneous structure imposed by design facilitates portfolio-wide analysis and asset- or tag- referencing, irrespectively of the underlying infrastructure. All analytics are based on reliable data and can be compared across assets and geographies. Furthermore, Inaccess CMS was one of the first solar monitoring platforms to successfully introduce big data concepts and integrate a business intelligence platform, for enhanced data analysis and reporting.

For greenfield applications, when combined with Inaccess’ SCADA and PPC (Power Plant Controller), our CMS takes PV plant management to the ultimate level of scalability, real-time performance, raw data management, controls, grid integration, and security, essentially transforming standalone Utility-Scale and C&I assets to powerful Virtual Power Plants.