40 MW / 60 MWh Energy Storage System Energization In Philippines

Alaminos Hybrid Storage 2

Project Description

Inaccess successfully completed the commissioning of the EMS and SCADA in a 40MW / 60 MWh energy storage project located in Lugon Island, Philippines.

It is a part of the country's first hybrid solar and energy storage project and the largest in Philippines.

The asset is built with 24 battery containers of lithium-ion batteries which can store the energy from the adjacent 120MW solar plant when electricity demand is low and then power around 20,000 homes, offsetting 36 metric tons of CO2-equivalent emissions per year. At the same time, it offers ancillary services to the national grid such as frequency support, voltage support and reserve power. Our EMS is the heart of the system enabling the provisioning of all those services either individually or in a stacked fashion

Project Details

  • ClientGlobal Utility
  • Date31.03.2022
  • LOCation Philippines