800MWp SCADA/PPC in the Middle East 


We're proud to share that we’re finalizing the commissioning of Unity SCADA and PPC in the largest PV plant in Qatar.

With more than 2 million bifacial solar modules mounted on trackers, this 800MWp solar project produces enough clean energy for approximately 55,000 homes, offsetting 26 million tons of CO2 during its lifespan.

Adhering to strict cybersecurity standards, Unity SCADA monitors and controls every aspect of the site, including inverters, trackers, weather stations, transformers, and switch gears. At the same time, UNITY PPC controls more than 3,200 string inverters, guaranteeing this massive solar capacity’s smooth integration into the grid. The billing system and the offtaker also leverage Unity’s Facility Performance Model for invoicing and production forecasting.