R&D project on real-time large-scale analytics in the PV utility plant RES sector led by Inaccess

R&D project on real-time large-scale analytics in the PV utility plant RES sector led by Inaccess

  • On March 4, 2022

MORE (Management of Real-time Energy Data) is a 3-year EU-funded research project that was kicked-off in October 2020, aiming to deliver a platform for extreme-scale time series processing. This project will enable the possibility for unpreceded forecasting, prediction and diagnostics tools with manageable storage and computing requirements, in an area where rather simple analytics are supported in real time.

The MORE platform combines aggressive data stream processing, scalable analytics and sophisticated machine learning and pattern recognition methods, introducing an architecture that combines edge computing and cloud computing. The developed algorithms, technologies and tools are validated on real-world scenarios using existing data from production environments, and validated by users with a clear stake in the data management and the RES industry.

In this project, Inaccess validates the system providing photovoltaic park related use cases. More specifically, Inaccess supplies data, requirements and domain expertise, including hands-on understanding of the bottlenecks and the main challenges that are faced today. The use cases have been selected to be both representative of actual needs (with commercial exploitability) as well as challenging in terms of the MORE system KPIs.

In collaboration with ATHENA RC, a machine-learning (ML) model is developed, capable of identifying the power conversion efficiency degradations attributed to soiling, solely based on existing production and weather conditions timeseries. Other use cases -adhering to very high frequency timeseries ingestion and real time processing- are in the pipeline!

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