UNITY Local SCADA server Redundancy options

UNITY Local SCADA server Redundancy options

  • On February 23, 2021
Enriched Features

All utility scale solar plants require the installation of a local SCADA server that combined with the cloud platform provides redundancy and high system availability. Our technology allows two independent data streams towards the local SCADA and the cloud system eliminating any single point of failure and ensuring that in almost all cases the system will be operational and display the latest measurements and alarms.

Furthermore, the data availability is enhanced by the local buffering of the field SCADA devices which are able to store several weeks or months of data in case of network failures and push them to the local and remote SCADA upon network restoration. 

The reliability of the local SCADA server is enhanced by adding redundancy in its main components such as the power supply, the network interfaces and the use of redundant arrays of independent disks. The redundancy can be moved to the next level by utilizing dual servers in an active-active configuration which guarantees the continuous operation of the SCADA system. This high availability cluster which can also be combined with a local storage area network is widely used in solar plants where there is no cloud system due to local or owner requirements.