Inaccess leads R&D activities on Operational Stability and Interoperability

Inaccess leads R&D activities on Operational Stability and Interoperability

  • On February 22, 2022

Inaccess participates in the TRUST-PV H2020 European Research Project leading the research activities on Operational Stability and Interoperability at the point of connection.

TRUST-PV is a 4-year EU-funded research project that focuses on the improvement of performance and reliability of solar power plants. It investigates enhancements in PV components (e.g. module O&M friendly design, inverter enabled O&M solutions, aftermarket coatings, extended testing beyond standard, etc.) and in PV systems (e.g. more accurate yield models and assessment, data-driven mitigation measures from monitoring and advanced field inspection, reliability of novel system concepts such as floating PV, etc.) in large portfolios of distributed and/or utility scale PV.

The TRUST-PV results are tested and demonstrated from lab to field and all data gathered along the value chain flow into a decision support system platform with enhanced decision-making using AI.

The innovation at component level in TRUST-PV is driven by the needs of stakeholders operating in a later stage of a PV project, i.e. Asset managers, EPC and O&M operators. TRUST-PV PV modules, thus, become O&M-friendly and inverters enable rapid and cost-effective field inspection.

The innovation at system level is fully exploiting the digitalization of the PV sector by linking 3D design with BIM concepts, developing more accurate models for yield assessments, and closing the gap between performance and failure detection through monitoring and field inspection.

The innovation at the connection point is based on the deployment of tailored strategies for the residential sector (better observability of performance with cost-effective monitoring solution, use of storage to enable renewable energy communities) and the utility sector (e.g. combination of advanced forecasting with storage and regulation through power plant controllers) with the final aim of improving the hosting capacity and increase stability.

The TRUST-PV Project envisions a path of circular economy which enhances disposed components/material recovery for further use in the industry, to support progressive steps of plant repowering, aimed at increasing their production and lifetime without requiring additional land.


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