Inaccess at Solarplaza Summit Spain 2022

Inaccess at Solarplaza Summit Spain 2022

  • On May 31, 2022

Inaccess is a proud sponsor of the Solarplaza Summit Spain 2022

JULY 7, 2022

Strengthening the alliance for the Spanish energy (r)evolution

Regaining its status as a leading European solar market, Spain is experiencing extraordinary growth, averaging 3 GW of solar installations per year since 2019. Spain now has a market that can afford to take on some risk, in which going for pure merchant projects is an increasingly-realistic option, while also still boasting an active PPA market.
With increasing competition, regulatory hurdles, complex stakeholder management and an astronomic 100 GW project pipeline, the Spanish market is bursting with both challenges and opportunities.
Join us at Solarplaza Summit Spain on July 7 where we’ll discuss the extraordinary growth in Spain and how Inaccess can help you increase your revenue from your renewable energy investments with its cutting-edge solutions and years of experience in large-scale projects.

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