Data cleansing and Curated KPIs

Data cleansing and Curated KPIs

  • On December 1, 2020
New Value added Analytics

Unity provides a state-of-the-art methodology to produce curated irradiance time-series along with a variety of KPIs that use irradiance as input.

The algorithm identifies the pyranometers that present erroneous behavior, such as zero or stuck values during the day, non-zero values during the night, or deviation from the median, and excludes them from the average calculation. If there are gaps in the cleansed irradiance, interpolation or satellite values are used to fill them in and synthesize the Curated Irradiance which is in turn used to calculate several other KPIs such as Curated PR and Availability.

The curated KPIs provide for reliable performance evaluation and report generation while saving dozens of back-office man-hours that would otherwise be spent for performance reporting.