UNITY SCADA – New, Powerful Schematic Editor:

UNITY SCADA – New, Powerful Schematic Editor:

  • On October 7, 2020

UNITY Schematic editor functionality was recently enriched, allowing users to create from scratch even more powerful mimic-like representations of their assets.

UNITY now supports the creation of Single Line Diagrams as well as the use of pre-existing Autocad files with either the asset layout or the SLD itself. The real-time, secure, and encrypted transfer of supervised data to the UNITY Cloud Portal or UNITY Local Server, together with the overlay of device status indicators, provides accurate information of the whole asset in one single screen, while the embedded links allow easy drill down to other linked schematics with more detail.

Control is simplified using the existing mimic icons or by uploading additional custom ones, allowing the operation of switches and circuit breakers in addition to inverters, trackers, and any other controllable devices. In addition to UNITY’s embedded capability for individually designed schematics, Inaccess team can provide professional design support for plants of greater complexity.