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James McRea

Senior Project Manager, SPI Solar
As the construction technology advisor of SPI, I would like to extend my appreciation for your comprehensive and well engineered monitoring package – insolar that you are servicing our company on the 7.4MW – 4 project PV solar build-out in Northern Greece. The platform is very robust and drills down as deep as you want to provide extensive detail and data analytics for a solar power producing site. It is intuitively presented in a way that the average user can understand how to navigate through your viewer to see historical and real time returns on his investment. For the quality control and O & M technicians, insolar gives the data necessary to quickly analyze any deficiencies with the optimum system production and streamline his corrective process. It is a great product which I predict will be at the forefront of the system monitoring companies worldwide. I highly appreciate Inaccess’s professionalism and exclusive service you have provided to SPI on our Greece build-outs and on any other projects we construct in the future.

Gary Dounson

Senior Design Engineer, Sybac Solar

Sybac Solar is one of the most innovative solar engineering and construction firms internationally, and we are continuously looking for new products and services that deliver value to our customers. When Sybac was given the opportunity to use this equipment on one of its latest utility scale solar projects in Florida we quickly realized its value and benefit. The Inaccess monitoring platform gave us valuable insight into the plant’s performance immediately after the completion of the construction phase. Its detailed engineering info allowed us to quickly pinpoint an issue that might have gone unnoticed and solve it before significant revenue was lost. Now the system continues to deliver useful information allowing optimum plant performance during the operation phase.