Who we serve

  • Solar monitoring
  • Telecoms

Inaccess provides a complete monitoring and control solution installed in hundreds of solar plants around the globe, with a cumulative capacity exceeding 8 GW. Our main focus is on utility scale and large commercial solar PV , storage & wind projects. With headquarters in UK and presence in US, Europe, India and Japan, we are able to serve the needs of our clients globally.


Indicative projects


Middle East ,Africa ,Europe 


Several projects 1.4GW in total 


20MW to 1.2GW each in Middle East including Iran , Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

5MW to 50MW in India

28MW, 24MW in Philippines

12MW to 52MW in Malaysia

6MW to 90MW in South Africa and Namibia




UK & Ireland


Several projects 3.2GW  in total 


5MW to 50MW across >350 sites in UK , remotely controlled by Grid Operator.


31MW PV Cluster, 5MW to 27MW (N. Ireland)



70MW in Australia , (Construction)  


Central/ Latin America 


Several projects 1.2GW in total 


5MW to 390MW  in Chile, Brazil, Argentina

2.4MW to 23 MW in  Puerto Rico , Panama , Barbados



Several projects 2.5GW in total 


1MW to 150MW in USA , Canada


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OTE, Greece


  • Overview

– 1100 buildings and 1900 controllers

– 200.000 physical I/Os, 1.000.000 parameters in a country wide installation

– Consolidation of regional operations centers in one central site

– Deployment of insite operations center platform

– Additional controllers deployed in new location


  • Applications

– Control of A/C units, group of A/Cs and HVAC systems (chillers, boilers, fans, dampers, coils, etc)

– Close control units (CCU) management, drainage water control

– Ambient alarms



CYTA, Cyprus


  • Overview

– 115 buildings and 60 GSM base-stations with 240 controllers

– 15.000 physical I/Os, 500.000 control tags in a country wide installation

– Main and disaster recovery sites

– System in field operation for 5 years


  • Applications

– Control of HVAC systems (chillers, boilers, group of A/Cs, CCUs)

– Power generator monitoring, control and maintenance

– Rectifiers, inverters, UPS and battery arrays monitoring

– Lighting control, Electrical panel and consumption monitoring

– Maintenance management

– Energy management policies