Vendor independent solar plant monitoring system

Unity for Solar is an integrated, vendor independent solution for the centralized management of geographically distributed solar plants. As a Solar Plant Monitoring System, it offers accurate fault recognition and real time performance monitoring according to IEC 61724 standard. The system guarantees smooth plant operation and maximizes yields.

Unity for Solar continuously monitors the plant’s equipment to detect operation failures or under-performance spots. It provides real-time secure collection and recordings of statistical data as well as reporting according to operators’ needs directly to their desktops through web browsers and emails or to their mobile devices through SMS and the unity for solar mobile app.

Unity for Solar adopts an open and expandable architecture consisting of:

  • Unity Control Center, the central operator platform
  • Solar Plant Subsystem, including all devices (controllers, sensors, etc.) installed at the solar plant

The solar plant is operated through an Internet portal.


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