Our design team evaluates and delivers the optimal and most innovative solution, designed in detail so as to cope with any monitoring challenge that may occur. The most appropriate communication infrastructure is proposed in order to guarantee uninterrupted, high-quality communication (via 3G, satellite, DSL, etc.). Moreover, client-requirement input is ensured through technical meetings. Any special requirements are further analysed so as to be considered in the delivered system together with the review and analysis of PV plant’s electrical diagrams.



The implementation of the Unity Platform system is a multi-level procedure that aims to ensure the optimal application of all hardware and software components. Tasks such as the installation and cabling of controllers, the parametrization of controllers’ software and the verification of proper connectivity are carried out. Our technical team configures, programs and tests all the important elements of the monitoring system (network, databases, portal, etc.) in order for the commissioning to signal the start of a fine and faultless operation.



Comprehensive documentation, personal meetings and webinars are offered as part of our standard training procedures so that our customers can make the best use of our monitoring platform, exploit its multiple capabilities and thoroughly utilize its exceptional functions.
Apart from that, Inaccess provides specialized on-site installation training on the insolar system to technical teams of EPC contractors.


After sales support

Our after-sales team ensures the constant and maximum performance of the insolar system via our help desk. Various levels of support are offered that range from answers to technical questions all the way to remotely handling the most complex queries concerning a specific solar plant. If required,  an on-site technical team visit will even be scheduled to assist in resolving system issues. The verification of proper data acquisition is another routine procedure that is offered with extra focus given to patches, security issues and bug-fixes. Apart from those, controller and central platform software updates are performed regularly in order for the clients to enjoy the most complete and upgraded version of the insolar monitoring system.


Platform hosting services

Our fully integrated platform hosting services offer high availability, disaster recovery, back-up solutions and unlimited disc space to meet demanding plant monitoring customer requirements. Each client or client’s representative is granted access in order to use the monitoring and control capabilities that insolar offers. Depending on customer needs, other business models can be offered, such as hosting of a customer’s plant portfolio in a dedicated Control Center or supply of the Control Center platform as a service.