140 MW / 560 MWh Energy Storage System Energization In California


Project Description

Inaccess successfully completed the commissioning of the EMS and SCADA for a 140MW/560 MWh energy storage project located in Kings County, California, USA. 

The 4-hour storage project complements a 300 MWAC solar plant that provides low-cost, clean energy to approximately 126,000 California homes following the demand curve which is higher in low or no-sun evening hours.

The project is divided into sub-plants each with its own separate PPA that calls for independent control and performance evaluation. Our EMS efficiently controls each subfield coordinating the BESS control with the PV Plant active and reactive power production when required. The functionality includes Energy Shifting, SOC Management and SOC Balancing, Frequency and Voltage Support and Ramp Rate Control at subfield levels and the overall site level.

Project Details

  • ClientGlobal Utility
  • Date01.03.2022
  • LOCation  California , USA