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White paper: A standards-based approach to evaluate and improve performance

Want to know how standards-based KPIs and fault detection are connected?

Download the white paper to find out:

  • How the IEC 61724 standard can act as a basis of an advanced solar plant monitoring system
  • How can I compare plants with different conditions and different equipment in a standards-based way
  • How can I use the KPIs of the solar plant to improve performance
  • How standards-based KPIs and fault detection are connected
  • The importance of a standardized method for calculating Performance Ratio (PR)

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White paper: The role and importance of weather data in solar plant performance evaluation

Accurate weather data are essential to the performance evaluation of your solar plant. Collecting them enables you to evaluate the performance of your PV plant.

This white paper gives you real-life, case-based insights that allow you to:

  • Collect accurate weather data from your PV plant
  • Make sure the solar energy you measure is correct
  • Verify that your pyranometers measure the correct irradiation
  • Understand the correlation between performance indicies and weather measurements

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