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Jul 2016: BlueNRGY Group and Inaccess announce expansion of Draker – Inaccess strategic alliance

London, July 11, 2016 – BlueNRGY Group Limited (OTC:CBDEF) (“BlueNRGY”)
and Inaccess Holdings Limited (“Inaccess Holdings”), both leaders in missioncritical
infrastructure management solutions and related asset management
systems, today announced the formalization and expansion of the strategic
alliance between Draker and Inaccess. Their respective business units
provide data management, analytics and operational control for solar and
other renewable power systems. To strengthen the companies’ capacity to
meet the rapidly expanding demand from large multinational customers for
enhanced services and software, BlueNRGY raised $5.0 million of equity
financing, of which approximately $3.7 million was invested in Inaccess
Holdings for a non-control equity stake.

The equity investment aligns these geographically complementary solar
monitoring market leaders to combine their proven technologies and delivery
capabilities to better serve existing and new clients. In furtherance of a
single vision, Christos Georgopoulos, CEO of Inaccess, will also assume the
senior executive role at Draker while BlueNRGY and Inaccess further explore
integrating their monitoring software platforms and organizations. Taking
into account backlog at Draker and Inaccess that is expected to be fulfilled
through the end of 2016, the combined solar generation capacity monitored
and managed by the companies will be among the worlds largest, exceeding
6GW at more than 4,000 sites distributed across six continents.

Mr. Georgopoulos said, “The power and potential of the Inaccess / Draker
strategic alliance was identified more than two years ago. After months of
work sharpening the focus to meet client needs, it is gratifying for this vision
to now be realized. The customer service capability of the Draker team and
increased access to asset owners in North America, will accelerate the
market penetration of the Inaccess utility-scale monitoring and control
technologies. Concurrently, Draker will immediately gain new distribution
channels for its industry-leading DAS systems and its robust monitoring and
analytics tools. While we have begun to identify ways to combine the best
features of both the Inaccess and Draker software, existing customers of
each company will continue to have access to their data through the familiar
portals and interfaces.”

The suite of products and commissioning and support service available as a
result of the strategic alliance is the broadest in the industry, enabling true
“follow-the-sun” customer support. It also allows Draker and Inaccess to fully
and effectively address the full range of non-residential solar installations,
representing the preponderance of capacity expected to be installed over the
next 5 years.

William Morro, Chairman & Managing Director of BlueNRGY stated, “The
alliance between Draker and Inaccess, along with BlueNRGY’s investment in
Inaccess is an important milestone in building the preeminent independent
monitoring and asset management platform. Inaccess has great technical
depth and management talent that can significantly accelerate BlueNRGY’s
growth and help us set the standards for the independent monitoring
industry. We are thrilled to be working with the entire Inaccess team and to
be bringing their leading edge solutions to the utility-scale market in the

About BlueNRGY & Draker
Established in 1989, BlueNRGY Group Limited is a leader in engineered
solutions for the management of distributed power generation and climate
control/energy efficiency systems. Its data collection and management
solutions, provided by its Draker Corp subsidiary, are deployed worldwide
and are relied upon by system owners, financial institutions, utilities,
government bodies and component manufacturers to deliver mission-critical
information. As a global leader in delivery of best-in-class technology,
BlueNRGY has designed and installed more than 230 MW of solar and wind
systems for commercial and utility applications and it provides monitoring
and control for more than 2GW of renewable power systems as well as the
world-class system life-cycle maintenance and support capabilities that its
clients demand. The company’s Parmac division is a leader in energyefficient
climate control systems in its served Australian markets.
With regional headquarters in Australia, the USA and Europe, BlueNRGY and
Draker are positioned to serve customer operations globally. For more
information, visit and

About Inaccess
Established in 2000, with a focus on renewable energy and telecom
infrastructure management, Inaccess specializes in monitoring and control
systems. The company designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art
products and solutions, which provide its partners invaluable access to
information, enabling them to maximize the viability and effectiveness of
their investments through performance optimization and OPEX reduction. As
of today, Inaccess systems manage more than 4 GW of solar PV generation
across 1,700 solar plants and more than 10.000 telecom sites worldwide.
With headquarters in London, UK and presence in Europe, North America and
Asia, Inaccess is the leading global vendor of converged infrastructure
monitoring platforms. For more information, visit


May 2016: Inaccess PPC – 8 weeks, 16 new sites, 8 new grids

Worldwide grid code compliance with fast, accurate and reliable power plant control. In 8 weeks, 16 new greenfield sites connected to 8 demanding grids in 4 continents, expanding our global footprint!