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Feb 2018: Unity Platform : Multiple Asset Types; Realtime Data; End-to-end Security.


Inaccess announces Unity, the company’s cloud-based central platform for uniform management of Renewable, Industrial and Infrastructure projects.

Unity offers a common platform for Owners and Developers, enabling significant operational efficiency through the use of a single system with state-of-the-art IoT architecture, offering a number of state-of-the-art highlights:


* Multiple Asset Types; 

* Realtime Data

* End-to-end Security; 

* Sub-second Monitoring

* Widest SCADA/DAS Compliance; 

* Platform Independent Analytics;


Unity Platform Independent Analytics

Inaccess released a number of platform – independent online analytics for the management of Solar, Storage and Wind projects, that help optimize performance and identify operational shortcomings.


Next Generation Architecture ,fast, secure, low latency, realtime 

Unity comes with support for thousands of compatible devices and dozens of industrial protocols, and integration methods with most major platforms, and a continuous interoperability evolution roadmap.



Nov 2017:Unified Management for 1,700 telecoms buildings

Inaccess celebrates the successful deployment of Inaccess CMS, its centralized SCADA solution at a Tier 1 quad-play telecommunications operator in Europe, monitoring 1,700 manned and unmanned buildings.
In this deployment, a powerful NOC (Network Operation Center) enables the operator to manage and control in real-time more than 11,000 electro-mechanical units (equivalent to 400,000+ tags), including among others: 
  • 4,000 Air Cool CCUs and Water Cool CCUs
  • 450+ Dry Compressed Air Systems
  • 150+ MV Substations
  • 1,300+ Backup Diesel Generators
  • 1,800+ Rectifiers
  • 500+ Fire Protection Systems
  • 1000+ Multi-meters and Energy Meters
Key Benefits: 
– operational continuity and efficiency
– increased network availability and reliability
– significant OPEX reduction
Inaccess CMS integrates a powerful business intelligence platform for enhanced data analysis and reporting

Jun 2017:10 years Inaccess CMS

This June is the 10th anniversary of the Inaccess CMS (Central Management System), the Cloud-based, Software-Only, Vendor-Agnostic, Centralized PV plant management system. 


Inaccess CMS integrates several dozens of 3rd party local DAS (Data Acquisition Systems) or central monitoring portals in a common, uniformly referenceable platform for monitoring, reporting, performance analysis and efficient preventive and corrective maintenance.


For existing projects, site takeovers, portfolio consolidation and other soft-retrofit applications, the ingestion of data is hardware agnostic, while the homogeneous structure imposed by design facilitates portfolio-wide analysis and asset- or tag- referencing, irrespectively of the underlying infrastructure. All analytics are based on reliable data and can be compared across assets and geographies. Furthermore, Inaccess CMS was one of the first solar monitoring platforms to successfully introduce big data concepts and integrate a business intelligence platform, for enhanced data analysis and reporting. 


For greenfield applications, when combined with Inaccess’ SCADA and PPC (Power Plant Controller), our CMS takes PV plant management to the ultimate level of scalability, real-time performance, raw data management, controls, grid integration and security, essentially transforming standalone Utility-Scale and C&I assets to powerful Virtual Power Plants.



Jul 2016: BlueNRGY Group and Inaccess announce expansion of Draker – Inaccess strategic alliance

London, July 11, 2016 – BlueNRGY Group Limited (OTC:CBDEF) (“BlueNRGY”)
and Inaccess Holdings Limited (“Inaccess Holdings”), both leaders in missioncritical
infrastructure management solutions and related asset management
systems, today announced the formalization and expansion of the strategic
alliance between Draker and Inaccess. Their respective business units
provide data management, analytics and operational control for solar and
other renewable power systems. To strengthen the companies’ capacity to
meet the rapidly expanding demand from large multinational customers for
enhanced services and software, BlueNRGY raised $5.0 million of equity
financing, of which approximately $3.7 million was invested in Inaccess
Holdings for a non-control equity stake.

The equity investment aligns these geographically complementary solar
monitoring market leaders to combine their proven technologies and delivery
capabilities to better serve existing and new clients. In furtherance of a
single vision, Christos Georgopoulos, CEO of Inaccess, will also assume the
senior executive role at Draker while BlueNRGY and Inaccess further explore
integrating their monitoring software platforms and organizations. Taking
into account backlog at Draker and Inaccess that is expected to be fulfilled
through the end of 2016, the combined solar generation capacity monitored
and managed by the companies will be among the worlds largest, exceeding
6GW at more than 4,000 sites distributed across six continents.

Mr. Georgopoulos said, “The power and potential of the Inaccess / Draker
strategic alliance was identified more than two years ago. After months of
work sharpening the focus to meet client needs, it is gratifying for this vision
to now be realized. The customer service capability of the Draker team and
increased access to asset owners in North America, will accelerate the
market penetration of the Inaccess utility-scale monitoring and control
technologies. Concurrently, Draker will immediately gain new distribution
channels for its industry-leading DAS systems and its robust monitoring and
analytics tools. While we have begun to identify ways to combine the best
features of both the Inaccess and Draker software, existing customers of
each company will continue to have access to their data through the familiar
portals and interfaces.”

The suite of products and commissioning and support service available as a
result of the strategic alliance is the broadest in the industry, enabling true
“follow-the-sun” customer support. It also allows Draker and Inaccess to fully
and effectively address the full range of non-residential solar installations,
representing the preponderance of capacity expected to be installed over the
next 5 years.

William Morro, Chairman & Managing Director of BlueNRGY stated, “The
alliance between Draker and Inaccess, along with BlueNRGY’s investment in
Inaccess is an important milestone in building the preeminent independent
monitoring and asset management platform. Inaccess has great technical
depth and management talent that can significantly accelerate BlueNRGY’s
growth and help us set the standards for the independent monitoring
industry. We are thrilled to be working with the entire Inaccess team and to
be bringing their leading edge solutions to the utility-scale market in the

About BlueNRGY & Draker
Established in 1989, BlueNRGY Group Limited is a leader in engineered
solutions for the management of distributed power generation and climate
control/energy efficiency systems. Its data collection and management
solutions, provided by its Draker Corp subsidiary, are deployed worldwide
and are relied upon by system owners, financial institutions, utilities,
government bodies and component manufacturers to deliver mission-critical
information. As a global leader in delivery of best-in-class technology,
BlueNRGY has designed and installed more than 230 MW of solar and wind
systems for commercial and utility applications and it provides monitoring
and control for more than 2GW of renewable power systems as well as the
world-class system life-cycle maintenance and support capabilities that its
clients demand. The company’s Parmac division is a leader in energyefficient
climate control systems in its served Australian markets.
With regional headquarters in Australia, the USA and Europe, BlueNRGY and
Draker are positioned to serve customer operations globally. For more
information, visit and

About Inaccess
Established in 2000, with a focus on renewable energy and telecom
infrastructure management, Inaccess specializes in monitoring and control
systems. The company designs, develops and markets state-of-the-art
products and solutions, which provide its partners invaluable access to
information, enabling them to maximize the viability and effectiveness of
their investments through performance optimization and OPEX reduction. As
of today, Inaccess systems manage more than 4 GW of solar PV generation
across 1,700 solar plants and more than 10.000 telecom sites worldwide.
With headquarters in London, UK and presence in Europe, North America and
Asia, Inaccess is the leading global vendor of converged infrastructure
monitoring platforms. For more information, visit


May 2016: Inaccess PPC – 8 weeks, 16 new sites, 8 new grids

Worldwide grid code compliance with fast, accurate and reliable power plant control. In 8 weeks, 16 new greenfield sites connected to 8 demanding grids in 4 continents, expanding our global footprint!


Apr 2015: Successful installation of 400MW in the UK during March

In the 4 weeks of March we helped our clients connect 400MW across 40 PV plants, before the UK ROC1.4 deadline. Our implementation and operation teams managed to successfully deliver according to each project requirements. Inaccess retains its leading position in the UK market, exceeding 1.1GW of installed capacity.

Mar 2015: Inaccess and Maintenance Assistant partner to revolutionize the Solar Power Industry

Toronto, Canada and London UK, 10th March 2015 – Maintenance Assistant Inc, a global provider of cloud-based maintenance management software, and Inaccess Inc, the leading centralized site management provider for solar and telecom assets, today announced they have entered into a strategic partnership. Under the terms of the agreement, Inaccess, and its group of companies, will offer existing and new customers a full-featured, Inaccess branded CMMS maintenance management solution that integrates seamlessly with its vendor independent monitoring and control system. The deal combines Inaccess expertise in operation, performance and fault management remote monitoring solutions with Maintenance Assistant’s expertise in multi-tenant cloud CMMS software. 


“This strategic partnership with Maintenance Assistant demonstrates our commitment to innovation and technology leadership. Our company constantly strives to excel in order to fulfill our customers and partners needs, in a fully integrated approach”, said Christos Georgopoulos, CEO Inaccess. “Through this partnership, we can deliver a fully integrated, optimized and cost effective solar plant maintenance management solution, differentiating our product portfolio and providing added value for our customers.” This new technology promises to redefine best-in-class maintenance at solar plants around the world. Real-time, rich diagnostic and fault data is sent directly from Inaccess’s monitoring platforms to Maintenance Assistant’s Cloud CMMS platform for immediate follow-up. This smart system will also help Inaccess customers maximize the value of their assets by proactively managing them through their entire lifecycle.


Daryl Sedgman, Chief Technology Officer at Maintenance Assistant commented: “The growth of the Internet of Things has opened up a whole new world of innovation and connectivity. Maintenance Assistant is focused on building innovative cloud solutions with actionable endpoints for real-world M2M applications. Working with Inaccess to develop an integrated solar management solution is another exciting milestone for us, as we continue our aggressive advance into the IOT, the cloud, and beyond.” The ongoing strategic partnership with Inaccess demonstrates the power and flexibility of the MA Connect API while delivering enormous value to both new and existing Inaccess and Maintenance Assistant customers.


“Our multi-tenant, highly scalable, cloud-based architecture enables Maintenance Assistant to be a technology enablement platform for customers and partners like Inaccess” said James Novak, COO. “In addition to the integration of the solutions, Inaccess will also distribute the co-branded MA CMMS Platform to their customers. This represents a major differentiator for Maintenance Assistant as we expand distribution of our platform with strategic partners into new vertical markets and geographic areas.” 


The monitoring and control system of Inaccess is an integrated, vendor independent solution for the centralized management of geographically distributed solar plants and telecom sites. Offering accurate fault recognition and real-time performance monitoring, it guarantees smooth operation and maximizes performance. The system continuously monitors the supervised equipment to detect operation failures or under-performance spots. With MA CMMS integration, Inaccess offers a complete end-to-end operation and maintenance solution. If any system fails, the machine health data is sent to the CMMS where work orders are automatically triggered and assigned to the appropriate mechanics. This eliminates the human element in both recording meters and scheduling maintenance, ensuring critical maintenance happens on time, and before the issue turns into something more serious. Directly accessing live machine data will help improve maintenance response times, reduce downtime and eliminate inefficiencies. A fully productive installation ultimately drives more money to the bottom line. The full holistic solution is sure to be the envy of any managed asset’s owner or operator.


Dec 14: Inaccess and Egnatia into strategic agreement for the monitoring of telecom sites infrastructure

LONDON, Dec. 1, 2014

Inaccess, the leading centralized site management provider and Egnatia telecoms, member of Egnatia Group, the international construction and infrastructure group, announce today that they have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement.


Under this agreement, Inaccess will acquire and incorporate Egnatia’s Remote Monitoring Platform (RMP) within its centralized management solution portfolio, for the monitoring and remote operations of telecom operator facilities, with an emphasis to cell towers of mobile operators.


Egnatia’s RMP is currently deployed in several thousand cell sites in SE Europe. According to the agreement, Inaccess will undertake the support of existing deployments which will gradually be integrated within the broader family of Inaccess’ site management solutions.


Mr. Christos Georgopoulos, CEO Inaccess commented: “We are excited about this acquisition agreement, which expands the role of Inaccess as a monitoring expert in the telecom sector by further strengthening our platform to serve mobile operators while increasing our customer footprint especially in South Eastern Europe. Management of massive remote site infrastructure such as cell towers is currently a major priority for the global industry, from both operational and energy conservation perspective. Inaccess is committed to continuously providing operators with state-of-the-art technology for the management of such infrastructure, with the objective to maximize viability and effectiveness of their investments.”


Mr. Nikos Papapetrou, CEO Egnatia Group stated: “In our aggressive expansion plan, this agreement further solidifies our commitment to infrastructure clients with best of breed solutions, partners and cooperations. With this transaction we feel confident that our existing RMP customers protect their investment and with the increased development and expansion of the solution will be able to extract further value from their assets.”


Oct 2014: Inaccess to showcase its next generation solar PV monitoring platform in the upcoming Solar Energy UK show in Birmingham, 14-16 October 2014

London, UK, Oct. 6, 2014 –

Inaccess, the leading vendor independent PV monitoring provider, announces the launch of its new generation solar PV platform which will be showcased in Solar Energy UK 2014.


With the new platform, Inaccess defines the next level in Solar Monitoring & Control by integrating full scale BI analytics and Asset Management workflow on its global portfolio management platform.


The new monitoring platform combines Inaccess structured KPIs and scale along with PVSense flexibility into a single platform, providing enhanced features and unique visualization capabilities.


Visitors of the show in Birmingham will be able to experience how the platform enables operation, maintenance and performance optimization of a solar asset owner’s diverse portfolio. The platform further offers integration with Enterprise Asset management systems to enable operations and maintenance of solar PV assets as well as Business Intelligence platforms with enhanced reporting, array analytics and data quality assessment applications.


Christos Georgopoulos, Inaccess CEO commented: “Following the successful integration of SenseOne Technologies UK and PVSense product in the first half of 2014, it is exciting for us to see very positive feedback of our new generation solar monitoring solution for utility-scale plants, enhanced with O&M, analytics and active power management features.

We are excited to be part of Solar Energy UK 2014 at Birmingham and we look forward to meeting with our existing and prospect clients to present the enhanced features, unique capabilities and new functionality of Inaccess monitoring platform.” 

Inaccess is currently monitoring more than 1300 solar plants with a total capacity exceeding 2 GW in US, Europe and Asia. 


Jul 2014: Inaccess to monitor and optimize Panama’s first utility-scale solar power plant, Sarigua

As Panama Struggles with Electricity Capacity, PV Monitoring is Key for Country’s Top Grid Operator, EGESA


SAN FRANCISCO – INTERSOLAR NORTH AMERICA – July 8, 2014 – Inaccess, a global provider of solar monitoring and control systems, today announced that it has successfully commissioned its solar power plant optimization solution, insolar, at a 2.4 MW solar power plant in Sarigua, a desert region in Panama’s Herrera province. Sarigua is the country’s first grid-scale solar array and is owned by La Empresa de Generacion Electricita (EGESA), Panama’s primary grid operator.


As Panama enriches its electricity production mix, Inaccess’ insolar monitoring and control system will optimize plant performance and financial returns through a dense network of monitors, sensors and controls providing real time data, fault detection and analysis. The system will monitor performance of the plant’s hardware including panels, strings, inverters and fuses as well as integrate information from Panama’s grid to optimize for current or future market factors like demand and price. Panama, which is set to open its expanded Panama Canal next year, is a quickly growing market for solar taking its place as the world’s value-added logistics hub.


Located nine miles from the city of Chitre, Sarigua was connected to the grid in March 2014. The utility-scale plant is now providing 30 percent of the surrounding area’s electricity demand – equivalent to the power used by 2,600 local homes. Greenwood Biosar, a joint venture between Greenwood Energy and Biosar, provided engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for Sarigua, originally a project of Enel Green Power Panama. “The sophisticated monitoring solution provided by Inaccess will make it easier to identify underperformance or malfunction at the plant, allowing operators to intervene more quickly, saving money and ensuring financial health of the installation”, said Greenwood Biosar CEO, Aris Polychronopoulos.


“We are proud of having contributed to a solar “first” for Panama. We are honored to support the international expansion of strategic partners like Greenwood Biosar by leveraging Inaccess’ ability to tailor our monitoring solutions to address specific requirements of diverse geographic markets” said Inaccess CEO, Christos Georgopoulos.