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Utility-scale solar plant for  a 26MWp / hybrid in USA 

UNITY has been deployed and integrated to the Owner’s central operations platform for a 26MWp solar power plant in Nevada, part of a larger hybrid plant that includes geothermal, solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems, feeding to NV Energy grid.


Inaccess has already introduced Hybrid PPC solutions incorporating different options of power sources, as well as its specialized Battery Storage S-PPC system, for Pure-Play Storage or PV+Storage plants.


Utility-scale solar plant for 70MWp and 130MWp in Australia 

Inaccess has established local presence and is working in a number of utility-scale solar power plants in Australia. Currently, we are providing UNITY along with grid integration services for a 70MWp and a 130MWp plant, planned and developed by two of the largest global solar PV developers.


Inaccess is also providing studies and simulations required by AEMO, minimizing the integration risk for the projects, incorporating a number of different Inverter and Meters combinations.


UNITY platform for 390 MWp utility-scale solar plant in Brazil

Inaccess has successfully completed the deployment of its UNITY platform of a 390MW solar plant in Brazil. The project has been developed by a renown Global Utility and includes two levels of PPCs for the overall plant and for several individual subplants,  compliant with strict ONS grid requirements.

With a number of very large utility-scale plants in the country, Inaccess solidifies its dominant position in the Brazilian market. UNITY PPC/SCADA/CMS platform provides grid integration and accurate power plant control across many different grid operators, central or string inverter vendors, substation, RTU and Grid SCADA configurations.


Inaccess receives ISO27001:2013-certification by TUV Austria.

ISO27001 is the global Information Security Standard and our certification validates the conformance to the latest global security protocols and technologies adopted across our Unity platforms and systems portfolio. Beyond technology, ISO27001 also certifies the adherence of related operating procedures of information and data management as well as day to day platform operations to ensure protection of sensitive, mission critical infrastructure.


For global asset Owners, Developers and Operators that are constantly and increasingly aware about Cybersecurity risks, Unity is the safe and robust end-to-end platform that ensures privacy and data security from proprietary, yet open, Field Equipment Monitoring and Control (Unity SCADA) to vendor-independent, ultra scalable, Central Management System (Unity CMS).


Inaccess also holds OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, (officially BS OHSAS 18001) ,an internationally applied British Standard for occupational health and safety management systems. It exists to help all kinds of organizations put in place demonstrably sound occupational health and safety performance. It is a widely recognized and popular occupational health and safety management system


The OHSAS 18000 standards provide organizations with the elements of an effective safety management system which can be integrated with other management systems and help organizations achieve better occupational health and safety performance and economic objectives.


Inaccess certifications includes among others our conformance with regards to our people engagement, presence and participation in the Installation and Commissioning phases of important infrastructure assets across the world.



Inaccess Unity Mobile App for access to your assets

“Inaccess Unity” Mobile App, is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

You may download it from Play Store or App Store.

 In order to configure the specific portal you use, follow the below instructions.

Open Inaccess Unity application and enter the New service screen.


In login screen:

Insert your username and password and select the “LOGIN” button.

Note: The username and password that you use at web portal are valid for the Mobile App. 

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Unity Platform : Multiple Asset Types; Realtime Data; End-to-end Security.


Inaccess announces Unity, the company’s cloud-based central platform for uniform management of Renewable, Industrial and Infrastructure projects.

Unity offers a common platform for Owners and Developers, enabling significant operational efficiency through the use of a single system with state-of-the-art IoT architecture, offering a number of state-of-the-art highlights:


* Multiple Asset Types; 

* Realtime Data

* End-to-end Security; 

* Sub-second Monitoring

* Widest SCADA/DAS Compliance; 

* Platform Independent Analytics;


Unity Platform Independent Analytics

Inaccess released a number of platform – independent online analytics for the management of Solar, Storage and Wind projects, that help optimize performance and identify operational shortcomings.


Next Generation Architecture ,fast, secure, low latency, realtime 

Unity comes with support for thousands of compatible devices and dozens of industrial protocols, and integration methods with most major platforms, and a continuous interoperability evolution roadmap.



Unified Management for 1,700 telecoms buildings

Inaccess celebrates the successful deployment of Inaccess CMS, its centralized SCADA solution at a Tier 1 quad-play telecommunications operator in Europe, monitoring 1,700 manned and unmanned buildings.
In this deployment, a powerful NOC (Network Operation Center) enables the operator to manage and control in real-time more than 11,000 electro-mechanical units (equivalent to 400,000+ tags), including among others: 
  • 4,000 Air Cool CCUs and Water Cool CCUs
  • 450+ Dry Compressed Air Systems
  • 150+ MV Substations
  • 1,300+ Backup Diesel Generators
  • 1,800+ Rectifiers
  • 500+ Fire Protection Systems
  • 1000+ Multi-meters and Energy Meters
Key Benefits: 
– operational continuity and efficiency
– increased network availability and reliability
– significant OPEX reduction
Inaccess CMS integrates a powerful business intelligence platform for enhanced data analysis and reporting

Pyro Shield

Faulty readings, Data Loss, Diverging behavior, Irradiance at Night, Stuck values.
These definitely represent common irradiance data problems 
that result to unreliable calculation of KPIs,
thus causing invalid performance analysis and misleading reporting.
Pyro Shield is an intelligent analytics tool for evaluation of solar plants pyranometers’ proper operation and measurement accuracy. The new analytic enables plant operators to identify communication issues, malfunctioning instruments, underperformance due to delayed maintenance or need for re-calibration.
Pyro Shield analyzes measurements by performing a set of checks for data availability, validity and consistency, as well as intra-plant pyranometers correlation. It classifies the pyranometer alarm states and periodically notifies the user on their health status through a scheduled report.
Pyro Shield comes to meet the increasing operator needs for solar plant data quality, accurate performance analysis and asset health evaluation, built on top of the standard integrated pyranometers monitoring offered by Inaccess.

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Schematic Editor Design Services

Schematics Editor is a web-based tool that allows visual representation and editing of the solar plant electrical, topographical or communications network model. It offers the capabilities of classic SCADA Mimic designers, but it is integrated with Inaccess CMS offering a modern look and feel and eliminating the need for installing dedicated software.

By utilizing the intuitive web interface, the user is able to organize the mimic diagrams in multiple tabs presenting various plant segments or tabulated measurements. She can easily add measurements and alarms on the screens to gain timely information of the plant status. Creating screens for controlling the plant major generating or switching equipment is also greatly simplified. 

If you do not have time to configure your own mimic diagrams, Inaccess will perform it for you. 

Click here to order to order the respective design service for your plants.


Inaccess CMS: Next Generation Architecture


Inaccess releases its next generation real time architecture which provides for the collection, presentation and storage of raw data from the field deployed controllers directly to the cloud-based central management system. Thousands of raw samples can be transferred over MQTT every second offering an unparalleled insight in several fast varying parameters of the solar plant. 

The efficient use of the storage systems is achieved by individually configurable data retention per signal which can vary from a few minutes to several years meeting demanding requirements while optimizing the use of resources. 

With this new architecture Inaccess CMS is now offering the same data resolution with Inaccess local SCADA systems. At the same time, the scalable design of the database and the backend software guarantees the system capability of hosting thousands of MWs without sacrificing performance or data resolution. 


Realtime production modelling for active power reserve services

Inaccess has released real-time production modelling algorithms, delivering Active Power Reserve capabilities and supporting underfrequency events. 
Whether the plant connection points are integrating geographically dispersed plants (as in cluster projects where the plants are several kilometers away) or a single plant, Inaccess PPC (Power Plant Controller) continuously calculates the potential MW based on a number of meteorological parameters (irradiance, temperature measurements) and intra-plant operational and performance indicators (AC losses, inverters availability, efficiency etc) and performs precise and fast active power control, offering Active Power Reserve as requested by the grid operator. 
The Reserve is necessary in case of of underfrequency events, extending the typical to date overfrequency event support. With the aggregated capacity of multiple interconnected PV plants and the intelligent control capabilities provided by Inaccess PPC, PV projects can now improve security of supply for local energy markets of countries with sensitive grids.

Wind Farm Monitoring

We recently extended our platform for Wind farm monitoring and kicked off fleet consolidation for multi-asset owners/operators. 
Our vendor independent solution interfaces with the largest wind turbine manufacturers’ SCADA systems and online platforms, supporting both raw data and derived data, and providing online calculation of the Wind industry’s set of KPIs. 
Inaccess platform provides unified coverage of multiple asset classes, offering combined fleet presentation, yet with specialized dashboards, alerts, KPIs and reports for each specific asset class.

Namibia Grid Code Compliance: SCADA and PPC for a new solar project.

Namibia is heavily reliant at present on electricity imports from the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP), which is increasingly under pressure from growing demand in the region. Hence, the implementation of renewable power generation assets not only helps the country to meet its climate change commitments, but increases its energy security as well. 
This month, Inaccess has deployed its SCADA and Power Plant Controller in a new built solar plant which adds another 5 MW in Namibia’s solar portfolio. Africa is a focus area for Inaccess that recognizes the huge potential of the solar energy in the region and understands the complexities imposed by the local grid deployments. 

CAISO Compliance

To assist in gaining and maintaining approval to connect to the grid and sell electric power in California, Draker/Inaccess are pleased to offer a revamped, comprehensive CAISO solution. From an initial consultation to kick off the New Resource Implementation (NRI) process to regular meter testing, Draker and our industry leading partners will guide you through every step of the process.


We and our partners have completed and delivered RIGs on a variety of wind and solar projects, ensuring they meet CAISO’s requirements for revenue metering and real-time data telemetry within the schedule defined by the NRI process.


In addition, on the Grid interfacing side, the robust, secure DNP3.0 implementations and fast sampling and data transfer mechanisms of Draker/Inaccess SCADA, along with the versatile closed loop control algorithms of our PPC on Active and Reactive Power, Power Factor and Voltage control, enable secure and reliable management of the renewable assets, conforming to the demanding requirements of California’s market


Record-fast 386MW UK Sunedison portfolio retrofit

Inaccess completed the rip-and-replace retrofit of the existing monitoring systems in 26 solar plants  of the former Terraform/ Sunedison portfolio in the UK in less than 6 weeks. This record time was achieved thanks to our optimized SEEDS replacement procedure in sync with the extremely capable team of the portfolio O & M provider.


During this retrofit process, the replacement was centered around the key components of the existing monitoring system, preserving the initial investment in sensors, networks and measurement devices, and without making any discounts on the monitoring and control functionality enabled by Inaccess SCADA.  


Honduras: SCADA and PPC for 10 MW and 24MW plants

In Honduras, the aggressively renewables-friendly country of Central America, Inaccess has deployed its SCADA and Power Plant Controller in another 10.6 MW solar plant, which is part of a pipeline of more than 100 MW in the country.


At the same time, Inaccess’ first 24MW solar project in Honduras has reached two years of successful operation, with its grid-controlled PPC adhering to all the requirements imposed by ENEE, ensuring smooth interconnection and plant operation, along with a variety of grid stabilization functions.


South Africa: SCADA and PPC for 90MW PV plant

Inaccess SCADA has successfully completed a year of operation in a 90MW DC / 75MW AC project in South Africa. The local SCADA enables detailed monitoring and control of the plant either remotely or from the dedicated control room located within the plant battery limits and controlling Inverters, Substations, Circuit Breakers and Reclosers. The electricity generated by the solar plant is delivered to Eskom, which is also able to operate the plant remotely though the Inaccess Power Plant Controller (PPC). ESKOM certified the Grid Interoperability of the PPC and the overall solar PV plant through a rigorous compliance procedure during the plant commissioning a year ago.



PPC and SCADA for the 150MW Aurora project in MN, USA


Inaccess is providing SCADA and Power Plant Controllers for the 150MWdc Aurora project in Minnesota. The project belongs to a renown Global Utility and consists of 16 solar plants with single axis trackers, expected to be delivering over 210 million kWh annually to Xcel Energy. Following the Owner’s demanding requirements, each solar plant has its own control room, hosting a Local Plant Server (LPS). In addition to the automated control functionality provided through the PPC, full inverter and tracker control is granted locally or remotely to the operators through the integrated plant Schematics HMI.  



New Schematics HMI V.3

Inaccess has deployed a new release of the Schematics functionality offering an advanced Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) for graphical representation of the solar plant. New features include support for multiple screens, tables and links between the screens. Using the built-in editor the user can easily create new or edit existing schematics. The integrated Schematics HMI screens enable Site-Operator-friendly visualization of plant status in real-time and direct control of all supervised equipment.



Remote Circuit Breaker & Recloser Controller (R-CBR)

Our new Remote Circuit Breaker & Recloser Controller (R-CBR) is an integrated, vendor-independent system for solar power plant Circuit Breakers (CB) and Recloser operation. R-CBR enables control of any CB and Recloser, while ensuring full integration with any plant level SCADA system. It is customizable to meet the specific needs of all plant Circuit Breakers and Reclosers, both in terms of protocols and third-party systems integration and cooperates with our enterprise level monitoring system.



365MW SunEdison portfolio retrofit in the UK

Inaccess strengthens its position as the number one monitoring company in the large scale solar plants sector in the UK by adding the 365 MW of the former Terraform/ Sunedison portfolio. Following the recent sale of the said portfolio, Inaccess is currently performing a rip-and-replace retrofit of the existing monitoring systems in all plants. Apart from offering all the enhanced features of monitoring and control available in the Inaccess platform, the replacement of the key equipment on site provides for a long-term supported system that will be maintained properly in the years to come. In addition, it offers full control-ready capabilities for remote intervention to inverters and associated switch gear, or for future grid integration requirements.


Inaccess Z-PPC: Accurate control for Zero Export PV installations

An increasing number of commercial installations use PV generation to offset their energy usage, provide corporate environmental stewardship and save money. At the same time grid operators need to maintain a reliable, secure supply of electricity to existing customers.  Export power limitation schemes serve exactly these two needs, requiring a maximum power export from the installation to the grid. Inaccess Z-PPC satisfies Export Limitation requirements for the most rigorous grid, using the plant inverters and meters/relays, providing near real-time capabilities for plant active power control. 

Indicatively, Z-PPC has been successfully commissioned in the recently inaugurated IKEA store in Columbus Ohio, providing accurate zero export limitation, while maximizing energy usage compensation from the store’s 1.2MWp PV array.



Inaccess PPC enables NIE compliance for Northern Ireland’s largest Solar Cluster of 31.6MW

The largest Solar Cluster in Northern Ireland, consisting of 5 different plant for 31.6 MW total capacity has just been connected, with all 5 plant sharing a common connection to the grid. Inaccess provides the monitoring and control systems for each separate plant, as well as the central Power Plant Controller (PPC) for grid integration.

Inaccess PPC enables the 5 plants to be controlled as a single Virtual Power Plant of 31.6 MW  while adhering to the advanced requirements imposed by Northern Ireland’s NIE grid code, including Active and Reactive Power Control, Voltage control, Frequency support and Active Power Reserve, all delivered with sub-second response times.



UL Product Matrix for US and Canada markets expanded

Inaccess recently expanded its UL enclosures product line with a number of additional standardized configurations. The new product line provides various pre-manufactured options for flexible and adaptive selection of  I/O combinations to cover the needs of a wider variety of C&I to Utility-Scale sites, while still enabling UL-compliant addressing of custom monitoring and control requirements.



CMMS: The O&M platform extension

The CMMS integration expands the Inaccess platform functionality allowing conversion of solar plant events to work requests and scheduled maintenance site visits. The web interface is enriched in order to create work orders including all the necessary information needed for the corrective/preventive maintenance procedure. The integrated platform enables a combined work flow, from fleet monitoring to plant analysis and then to work order assignment, tools and spare parts management, purchase order management and field technician teams coordination, all accompanied by a thorough portfolio of reports.



Inaccess PPC extending global reach and functionality.

An integrated vendor-independent system for solar plant control and grid code compliance, customizable to satisfy any grid requirements while ensuring interoperability with plant SCADA systems. Inaccess PPC controls the output of the plant at the Point of Interconnection, using the plant inverters, meters, circuit breakers as well as capacitor banks and statcom. The overall system is based on distributed processing among the plant substations’ controllers and the plant central PPC and provides real-time capabilities for plant control.



Powerful Site-wide Cross-Segments comparisons

Comparing all strings, inverters, pyranometers, meters and other repetitive sources of data for the solar plant has never been easier. At the press of a button, the Cross Segment function automatically gathers the parameters of interest from all related equipment, adjacent and recursively, and allows users to plot or export them for further processing. With this procedure, users can easily perform comparisons and spot performance problems down to the string level.


Inaccess SCADA and PPC for a 190MW utility scale solar plant in Brazil

One of the largest solar plants in state Minas Gerais in Brazil is under construction. The new facility will have a total installed capacity of 190 MW and is expected to enter commercial operation in the second half of 2017. Inaccess will provide its complete SCADA solution together with its Power Plant Controller to ensure seamless grid integration.


150MW Retrofits across 25 UK PV Plants

During the last quarter of 2016, Inaccess replaced a multitude of legacy monitoring systems in more than 150 MW across 25 sites with its native platform, offering a robust, grid-control-ready and properly maintained solution for the ever-increasing secondary Solar PV market of the UK.


SCADA and PPC for 146 MW PV plant in Chile

Inaccess recently deployed its SCADA and Power Plant Controller for a 146 MW solar power plant in the Atacama Desert in northern Chile, connected to Chile’s Northern Interconnected System (SING). Inaccess will continue to support the Owner during the whole project lifecycle.


Site-level Heatmap for at-a-glance PV Plant visualization

Check the status of the whole solar plant in one single screen. The color encoding quickly indicates the problematic equipment, highlighting with red the critical issues. By changing the view to “Availability” and “Performance Ratio” the user can have an indication of the effect of the problem on the actual production.



Central event viewer

The users can sort current events of the portfolio by categories such as Severity, Date, Name or they can filter their search viewing only the most severe events or the events that are related to specific devices.


Cross Plant Exports

The users can create a list of parameters from a specific level (for example inverter level) and create table views of the values of these parameters among all similar levels of the plant (for example among all inverters of the plant or among all strings)

New Platform Features

Our new Browser offers unlimited capabilties for custom Charting, Datapoints aggregation, Exporting and realtime Monitoring of supervised signals