Unity Platform : Multiple Asset Types; Realtime Data; End-to-end Security.


Inaccess announces Unity, the company’s cloud-based central platform for uniform management of Renewable, Industrial and Infrastructure projects.

Unity offers a common platform for Owners and Developers, enabling significant operational efficiency through the use of a single system with state-of-the-art IoT architecture, offering a number of state-of-the-art highlights:


* Multiple Asset Types; 

* Realtime Data

* End-to-end Security; 

* Sub-second Monitoring

* Widest SCADA/DAS Compliance; 

* Platform Independent Analytics;


Unity Platform Independent Analytics

Inaccess released a number of platform – independent online analytics for the management of Solar, Storage and Wind projects, that help optimize performance and identify operational shortcomings.


Next Generation Architecture ,fast, secure, low latency, realtime 

Unity comes with support for thousands of compatible devices and dozens of industrial protocols, and integration methods with most major platforms, and a continuous interoperability evolution roadmap.