Realtime production modelling for active power reserve services

Inaccess has released real-time production modelling algorithms, delivering Active Power Reserve capabilities and supporting underfrequency events. 
Whether the plant connection points are integrating geographically dispersed plants (as in cluster projects where the plants are several kilometers away) or a single plant, Inaccess PPC (Power Plant Controller) continuously calculates the potential MW based on a number of meteorological parameters (irradiance, temperature measurements) and intra-plant operational and performance indicators (AC losses, inverters availability, efficiency etc) and performs precise and fast active power control, offering Active Power Reserve as requested by the grid operator. 
The Reserve is necessary in case of of underfrequency events, extending the typical to date overfrequency event support. With the aggregated capacity of multiple interconnected PV plants and the intelligent control capabilities provided by Inaccess PPC, PV projects can now improve security of supply for local energy markets of countries with sensitive grids.