Pyro Shield

Faulty readings, Data Loss, Diverging behavior, Irradiance at Night, Stuck values.
These definitely represent common irradiance data problems 
that result to unreliable calculation of KPIs,
thus causing invalid performance analysis and misleading reporting.
Pyro Shield is an intelligent analytics tool for evaluation of solar plants pyranometers’ proper operation and measurement accuracy. The new analytic enables plant operators to identify communication issues, malfunctioning instruments, underperformance due to delayed maintenance or need for re-calibration.
Pyro Shield analyzes measurements by performing a set of checks for data availability, validity and consistency, as well as intra-plant pyranometers correlation. It classifies the pyranometer alarm states and periodically notifies the user on their health status through a scheduled report.
Pyro Shield comes to meet the increasing operator needs for solar plant data quality, accurate performance analysis and asset health evaluation, built on top of the standard integrated pyranometers monitoring offered by Inaccess.

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