CAISO Compliance

To assist in gaining and maintaining approval to connect to the grid and sell electric power in California, Draker/Inaccess are pleased to offer a revamped, comprehensive CAISO solution. From an initial consultation to kick off the New Resource Implementation (NRI) process to regular meter testing, Draker and our industry leading partners will guide you through every step of the process.


We and our partners have completed and delivered RIGs on a variety of wind and solar projects, ensuring they meet CAISO’s requirements for revenue metering and real-time data telemetry within the schedule defined by the NRI process.


In addition, on the Grid interfacing side, the robust, secure DNP3.0 implementations and fast sampling and data transfer mechanisms of Draker/Inaccess SCADA, along with the versatile closed loop control algorithms of our PPC on Active and Reactive Power, Power Factor and Voltage control, enable secure and reliable management of the renewable assets, conforming to the demanding requirements of California’s market