NTS631 v2.0 Certification for UNITY SCADA/PPC

NTS631 v2.0 Certification for UNITY SCADA/PPC

  • On June 17, 2021

Compliance certificate

License No. 2621/0181-1-CER

Inaccess announces successful certification of UNITY Power Plant Controller (PPC) according to  NTS v2.0 (Norma Tecnica de Supervision) in accordance with the EU Regulation 2016/631, a harmonized standard for Generators across all European countries, with the objective to boost the market of generation technology and increase competitiveness.

The regulation 2016/631 materializes a part of the EU vision for a robust and low-carbon energy system with flexible infrastructure that allows cross-border interconnections and integration of large shares of renewable generators. The specific target of the “Requirements for Generators” (RfG) legislation is to harmonize the grid network connection codes of the different EU Member States and to outline the minimum technical and operational capabilities of the interconnected power generating plants regardless of their technology and primary energy source. It provides a set of specifications, compliance standards and testing procedures to the National Regulation Authorities and System Operators in order to achieve interconnection of new generation units while ensuring grid resilience and security of supply.

Given the constantly increasing penetration of PV and Wind power plants, the NC-RfG is of utmost importance as it supports grid stability and cross-border interoperability while promoting technical uniformity, which creates a level playing field for OEMs of the energy sector. The harmonization of the national network connection frameworks across Europe through 2016/631 is crucial to enhance competitiveness and to stimulate the energy market.

The RfG framework is essentially strict, as it is linked to power quality and grid reliability, and at the same time complex to implement. Non-conformity often implies penalties and grid disconnection of a generating plant. The compliance with EU 2016/631 is especially challenging for intermittent renewable generators, such as PV and Wind plants, that need to manage the variability of their primary energy source and the limited inertia due to the inherent absence of synchronization torque.

Thus, the Power Plant Controller (PPC), which is the brain of the renewable generator and its interface towards the transmission or distribution grid, has the key role to regulate the production, provide support to the grid when required during faults and guarantee the compliance with the RfG.

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